About Us

Comlan, Incorporated was established as a private corporation in 1992 and specializes in the sales, distribution, importation, and marketing of cost-effective inter-office telecommunication and telephony products. The company is authorized by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) to supply telecommunication equipment and its telephone systems are approved for interconnection to Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) facilities. Comlan’s wireless products and telephone units are also approved by the National Telecommunication Commission. The company is a leading supplier of headsets for call centers and business process outsourcing in the Philippines and provides a product line that caters to office, call center, mobile, residential, and commercial establishments.

Comlan has a proven track record of providing excellent service and customer satisfaction, and its technical personnel undergo extensive training on each product to provide clients with the best service and impart the full potential of the products. The company also offers a service program that protects clients’ investment cost-effectively by extending the life of equipment through regular diagnostic check-ups, reconditioning, rehabilitation, and programming updates.

Comlan assures clients of a quick turnaround on service requests and reduces system downtime to provide superior after-sales service and help clients maximize their investments. The company aims to become a leader in the competitive telephony product market and consistently provide clients with cutting-edge technology to keep them at the forefront of their industry.

Comlan regards every sale as the beginning of a new partnership and is committed to providing clients with superior after-sales service and products that meet various international quality standards.