Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Please be guided by our Terms and Conditions, and these Terms of Use. By using our website (www.comlan-inc.com), you hereby understand and agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not accept, you may discontinue your use and leave the site.

Comlan, Incorporated e-commerce/b2b website is available for users 18 years old and above, and is applicable for retail and personal purchases only. Should you wish to avail of wholesale or B2B offers, you may send us an email at sales@comlan-inc.com with your inquiry.

As you use www.comlan-inc.com, you are forbidden to do the following:

  1. Use or attempt to use any platform, engine, tool, agent or other devices or mechanism (except for what comlan-inc.com have provided and other 3rd party search engines) to check or navigate the Comlan, Incorporated online site, which may or may not cause comlan-inc.com to break or malfunction.
  2. Violate or attempt to break the Comlan, Incorporated online site and use comlan-inc.com on any illegal transactions or activities.
  3. Imitate any person or entity, or misrepresent your relationship with any person or entity.
  4. Post, promote or communicate through Comlan, Incorporated online site any banned materials in any way.

Comlan, Incorporated reserves the right but not obliged to:

  1. Restrict any user from accessing or using the site for any reason.
  2. Observe and control any activity, content or material on the site.
  3. Comlan, Incorporated may in sole and absolute discretion, investigate any violation of the terms and conditions stated herein and may take appropriate action needed.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Comlan, Incorporated, at any time, may make necessary updates and/or amendments to its Terms of Use mentioned herein as it sees fit. These includes rights to upgrade, modify, suspend or discontinue, remove, whether in whole or in part the site. By continuing to use any of the comlan-inc.com site after we post any such changes, you accept the Agreement, as modified.

Account Usage and Order Process

I. Username and Password
Services available on the website requires creation of an account with key personal information. Details necessary for login such as the username and password is provided by the User upon his sole and absolute discretion in connection with the use of the service and access to the platform.

At our sole and absolute discretion, we may at any time request the User to update Personal data or forthwith invalidate the Username and/or Password without giving any reason or prior notice. Comlan, Incorporated, shall not be liable or responsible for any losses suffered by the User.

User further agrees and acknowledges that User shall be bound by and agree to fully indemnify Comlan, Incorporated, against any and all losses attributable to any use of the service and/or access to the platform referable to his username and password.

User hereby agrees to change the password from time to time and to keep the username and password confidential. He shall be responsible for the security of his account. He shall be solely liable for any disclosure or use (Whether such use is authorized or not) of the account.

If the user forgot his username and/or password, the user must send a request via email at b2b@comlan-inc.com to update his password.

II. Ordering and Payment
User may place an order by completing the order form on the platform and clicking on the “Add to Cart” button and upon checkout will be diverted to our official third party payment gateway (Dragon Pay). Comlan, Incorporated will not accept orders placed in any other manner. User has the sole responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the order.

II.1 Processing of orders is from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 4:00 pm except for non-working holidays. Processing of orders, including shipping, is typically between 15 to 30 working days.

II.2 Once you selected a Product that you wish to Order, you will then be shown or told (on the Site) the charges you must pay including Value Added Tax (VAT), and any applicable delivery charges. Unless otherwise stipulated on the Site, all charges are stated in Philippine Pesos. You shall pay for the Product in full at the time of ordering via Dragon Pay, which we require in order to process your order. Alternatively, you may pay by any method that we have said is acceptable to us, but in any event, we shall not be bound to supply before we have received cleared funds in full. We reserve the right not to offer certain forms of payment and to refer you to our other forms of payment.

II.3 You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the Product from us will be correct. That the account or other payment methods which you use is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the Product. We reserve the right to obtain validation of your payment details before providing you with the Product.

II.4 The Order shall be deemed accepted when you receive an order confirmation email with an order reference number and details of the Product you have ordered (“Your Comlan, Inc. order has been received!”). We may, at our discretion, decide not to accept an Order from you for any reason, including unavailability of the product/s or pricing error. We undertake to deliver only those Products included in the Order Confirmation.

II.5 If you discover that you have made a mistake with your Order after you have submitted it to the Site, please contact Customer Service at b2b@comlan-inc.com or call at 82424806 / 8241093 / 7726775 /09177748188 immediately. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to amend your Order in accordance with your instructions.

IV. Delivery
Delivery of Products shall be made to the address specified in the customer’s order form and our official courier service is Black Arrow Express (www.blackarrow.express)

You may track the status of the delivery at the black arrow express page platform https://locator.blackarrow.express/.

All delivery timeframes given are estimates only and delays can occur. If the delivery of your order is delayed, Comlan, Incorporated/Black Arrow Express will inform you accordingly via e-mail and/or a phone call.

IV.1 Orders are typically dispatched on the third day after the order was verified.

IV.2 Delivery lead time is typically between 7 to 15 working days from Mondays to Saturdays within Metro Manila. Deliveries outside Metro Manila will be scheduled accordingly with the customer.

Upon delivery of item, the customer must present the following:
a) 2 Valid IDs with photo and signature
b) Approved Email and Order form sent by Comlan, Incorporated.

IV.3 In the absence of the Customer, an authorized representative may receive the item provided that the following will be presented.

a) Order form and approved email by Comlan, Incorporated.
b) Signed authorization letter from the Customer.
c) Clear copy of the Customer’s valid IDs with photo and signature.
d) Authorized Representative’s valid IDs with photo and signature.

IV.4 If the delivery is not completed due to the absence of the Customer or an authorized representative on the expected delivery date, time and location, we will schedule another delivery date.

In case the rescheduled delivery is not completed due to the absence of the cardholder or an authorized representative, we will hold further delivery and reschedule another one, subject to payment of additional and corresponding delivery charges.

IV.5 Please observe guidelines, there will be no release of items without compliance of the requirements above.

IV.6 Comlan, Incorporated will not be liable for unfulfilled or failed delivery due to the following circumstances beyond the control of Comlan, Incorporated:

a) Absence of cardholder or authorized representatives upon delivery.
b) Force Majeure or Acts of God including calamities or severe weather conditions, strikes, etc.

V. Return and Exchange policy

V.1. Items may be returned or exchanged subject to distributor’s warranty and should not be more than 7 days upon receipt of the item.

a. If item is defective please contact us at 82424806 / 8241093 / 7726775 /09177748188 or email us at technical@comlan-inc.com and our customer service representative will assist you.

V.2. For return and exchange, the customer must do the following:

a. Provide an original sales invoice.
b. Items must be in the same condition as purchased (in a box, complete accessories, operational and no cosmetic defect).
c. The cost of transport and handling charges, with insurance, are to be paid by the customer. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Comlan, Incorporated may charge administrative and handling charges depending on the circumstances of the return.
d. The act of returning or exchanging items purely due to a change of mind is not allowed. Only items that are found to be defective can be returned or exchanged, pending diagnostic analysis conducted by the service center. In the event that a defective phase-out model is still covered by warranty, it may be exchanged for another model possessing comparable features. However, the value of the exchange item will be determined according to the invoice and the remaining duration of the warranty.
e. Return or Exchange will be in conformity with DTI’s policies.

VI. Item warranty

VI.1. All items purchased are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty which may cover repair and parts for the period specified by the manufacturer for the item. Comlan may require the defective product to be returned for inspection or may request supporting evidence, such as photos or videos, to assess the claim.

Warranty Exclusions:
The warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, accident, neglect, unauthorized repair, modification, or any other cause not arising from defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, consumable parts such as ear cushions, ear tips, and issues with degrading batteries are not covered under this warranty.

VI.2. Please ensure that your sales invoice and warranty card is kept for after-sales purposes.
VI.3. For service, please contact our service department hotline 82424806 / 8241093 / 7725675 /09177748188 or email us at technical@comlan-inc.com
VI.4. Repair / Exchange Decisions on all warranty Issues/Concerns are at the sole discretion of the distributor, (please refer to V.2.d.) subject to conformity with DTI.

VII. Voucher terms and usage

VII.1. Vouchers are only valid on the Comlan, Inc. website.
VII.2. In order to use vouchers, voucher codes must be entered at the last part of the check-out page.
VII.3. A voucher code can be used only once by a customer during each checkout.
VII.4. Customers are allowed to redeem only one voucher at a time.
VII.5. Comlan, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify orders, or revoke the use of voucher codes used in the following circumstances:
a) Suspicious or fraudulent voucher use.
b) Voucher abuse, redeeming vouchers using multiple accounts or checkouts associated with the same customer or group of customers.
VII.6. Additional terms and conditions may be specified in relation to specific voucher code (may or may not be limited to duration, discount or amount, and products covered), and will govern the use and redemption of those vouchers.
VII.7. Comlan, Inc vouchers are not convertible for cash.
VII.8. Comlan, Inc reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or cancel any promotions at any time without notice.
VII.9. In case of dispute such as, but not limited to Comlan, Inc customer’s eligibility, coverage of dates, fulfillment, Comlan, Inc decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Comlan, Inc customer’s eligibility for the transaction shall be resolved by Comlan, Inc at its sole discretion, in accordance to DTI implementing rules and regulations.

Pricing and Content Information

Prices on www.comlan-inc.com are subject to change without prior notice and are subject to taxes unless otherwise stated. This may be due to the consequence of supplier price changes or due to current market situations which we may not foresee. Prices posted in this website may also vary from the actual store price. Comlan, Incorporated is determined to ensure accurate price information listed on the website; however, errors may still occur and the price of your order will be validated as part of acceptance procedure.

Comlan, Incorporated does its best to complete the information (description, actual numbers, prices) stated on each of our products, and may still bear errors from time to time. As such, we are not responsible if the information that is made available on this website is not accurate or complete. Any reliance upon the material on Comlan, Inc official site shall be at your own risk.

Comlan, Incorporated also reserves the right to amend the prices at any time without giving any reason or prior notice. As such, Comlan, Incorporated cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed. Likewise, you agree that it is your responsibility to monitor any changes to the material and the information contained on this website as information may change from time to time.

Data Privacy

We do our best to safeguard the information of all our customers. As such, please be advised:

  • Only your name, address, and contact information are securely stored on our servers
  • Debit or Credit card information is transacted through a secure third-party payment gateway.

By sharing information with us, you hereby assent to disclose personal information to Comlan, Incorporated and use those details, as necessary, to complete your transaction.

Amendment to the Terms and Conditions

Comlan, Incorporated, at any time, may make necessary updates and/or amendments to its terms and conditions mentioned herein as it sees fit. These include rights to upgrade, modify, suspend or discontinue, remove, whether in whole or in part the site.

By continuing to use any of the comlan-inc.com site after we post any such changes, you accept the Agreement, as modified. Comlan, Incorporated shall not be liable if such upgrade, modify, suspend or discontinue, remove, whether in whole or in part, prevents you from accessing our website.