PanaCast 20

PHP 17,499.00

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Engineered for intelligent AI-enabled personal video conferencing.

Premium Video Quality - 4K Ultra HD Video

Picture Perfect - AI-enabled image enhancement

Flexible - Portable, lightweight design

With Intelligent Zoom, you’re always center-stage. - Our Intelligent Zoom feature uses powerful AI to continuously scan and adjust your picture in real-time, ensuring you’re always in the center of the frame.

INTELLIGENT LIGHTING OPTIMIZATION - With PanaCast 20, AI-based Intelligent Lighting Optimization analyses your environment and automatically adjusts your image in real-time to enhance the video quality.

PICTURE-IN-PICTURE - Our unique Picture-in-Picture mode enables you to share a close-up as your main image while continuing to present in a smaller window, thanks to onboard Edge processing that combines two real-time video streams into one.

ENGINEERED FOR THE FUTURE - PanaCast 20 will receive regular software updates throughout the product’s lifespan to enhance the experience and update the feature set.


Important Note:

Due to limited stock availability, please send us a message thru the chatbox first to confirm before checking out. Thank you!

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